Tuesday, June 30, 2009

It's Half-Past One

What the hell am I still doing up? Well, for the most part, nerding it up on Sonic trivia over at the Sonic Jam wiki. You might be thinking, "Well, what's so interesting about Sonic JAM? It was just a compilation game with a 3D world interface." Yeah, but this cleverly named wiki page is actually just a hub for EVERYTHING you'd want to know about Sonic the Hedgehog... at least as far as the games go. You'll have to look elsewhere for that SOA-Archie trash and the long-since defunct StC crap.

I jest! Comic books are the shit, man! I really want to get my hands on them like 10 years ago, along with a Genesis and a handful of games I never played growing up.

But more on my tragic life and comic books later. Right now, let's check out the Sonic Jam wiki. Bookmark it, save the pages, preserve the contents in .doc format (not like I don't do that to everything), because the makers of this Wiki have a pretty sweet gig going on. If you haven't already dived in take a look, here's what you'll find:

First thing you see are three banners for three different archives of the site: South Island Stories, which is a collection of (almost!) all of the manuals and other related items for each games spanning from the Master System to the current-gen consoles. It also has bits of the story from games like Sonic Battle and the Adventure games. While most all of the japanese manuals I've tried to download are unavailable at the moment, this section is basically meant to represent the consummate chronicles of the Sonic games continuum, whether they agree with each other or not (with the Sonic OVA as an honorable mentions!). There's even a section that discusses which games are most likely to be canon and which are not, and it's pretty detailed.

The second major archive is Angel Island Interviews, and it's got--you guessed it--just about every interview with SEGA/Sonic Team-related personnel from 1991 up until now, including this Mr. Kanata guy I've never heard anyone talk about at all. Who's he, you say? The director of the original Sonic Team around the time of the Mega Drive games? Whoops! Yeah, uh... I guess he's important, right? Right. I haven't gone through this section in it's entirety, as I'm not a full-fledged child of the night; more like a novice owl. But you go ahead! You've got nothing better to do, right? Sleep? Sleep is for wusses and babies. You don't need sleep, fight it!

The third and final archive of the wiki is more or less a compendium of every single nerdy forum discussion with pretentious primary-schoolers and bored, lonely college screwups talking about every single thing that's wrong with Sonic games now and how to improve them using the Mega Drive/Genesis games as a collective lithmus test. See, I'm not a failure. I know what a lithmus test is, and I spell it "lithmus" instead of "litmus" because I'm not a loser who debates about videogame structure and concepts. Nope.

Yeah, I'm being a funny dick. I'm just full of wit and sarcasm.

Honestly, though, it looks like a really cool, well thought-out, and thoroughly researched deconstruction into what made the Mega Drive games kick so much ass back in the day and in the here and now. Furthermore, it delves into suggestions into what Sonic Team may do to improve and so revive the respect and dignity of their team and the Blue Blur himself. I haven't read it yet, but so far it sounds like the same crap I blather on about over at the Find The Computer Room forums (Hey man, shameless plug!). Regardless of your opinion on this whole meaningless shindig, I highly recommend you check it out and submit your comments in the spirit of good discussion if you consider yourself a fan of Sonic. Note I didn't mention any black-and-white nonsense about "true fans" or not. A fan is a fan, and a fan is a person too.

Didn't think about that, did'ja, ya presumptious jerks? Eh? Ehhhh?!

I'm sorry. I didn't mean to call all 10 of you jerks. My apologies.

There's actually another site I've come across that reminds me very much of this one in intent and content, but with a slightly different aim: to discuss the ideal, universal identity of Sonic the Hedgehog and the many denominations of fans and enthusiasts for him and his parent company's divisions: Sega of America (The Western side that ruined everything), Sega of Europe (the side that doesn't matter), and Sega of Japan (God). Yeah, that's right. Sega of Japan is collectively a representation of God because they made Sonic first. It's true. Agree or die by negative labeling.

Ya know, I've gotta be pretty scatterbrained to not mention anywhere the name or URL of the site in the paragraph where it's invariably the subject. You'd think I never took college writing class, but the sad fact is I did. Skipped over the first required class because I payed off the admissions manager, and now it started to show. Shame on me. Well anyways, here's the second site I was talking about: Concept: "Mobius". It's a really slick site, and upon clicking on the link you'll be greeted with a badass anthro-character with the power to generate obscure symbols in his hands.

Pffft. Amateur n00b recolor.

The site is hosted by TechnoGuild, which is "an exclusive 'think-tank' community for artists, writers and designers who have a main interest in the science and technology found in genres such as Sci-fi and Anime," and their purpose is as "a community for people who want to develop new concepts, sharpen their creative skill, and strengthen their intellectual prowess, regardless of theme or genre." Sounds pretty spiffy, if you ask me. Like, if YOU were a member, I'd think you were the shit. Whoever drew that whatever-it-is up top certainly is, I'll tell ya that (she goes by Shanella).

Well, that's all I've got to offer for tonight. Or this morning, as it were. It's a very, very early morning. o.o; G'nite, guys!


  1. Some great finds, Rave. I've put together a links section (which will probably grow over time) and added some of the sites you talked about. This reminds me I have to put together a little content for this blog too...

  2. Sure. By the way, I just noticed now that I meant to say Mr. Kanari, not Mr. Kanata. Silly me.

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  4. Thanks, Patricia. You've got an interest blog as well. I like Jenga.