Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My First Blog Post!

So Arun told me about this Sonic fanblog he was starting up, and seeing as how we're already collaborating on something Sonic-related, I figured, "Why the hell not?" I love to talk. Here's my chance.

As you've already read from the title, this is my first blog post. I'll say it again:

I now have a blog post.

It sounds like I'm a proud owner of a sign meant to ward off travelers from bogs, but the bloody sign-maker blundered into mispelling the damned 3-letter word beyond all epxections. "Beware of Blogs."

Feeble attempt at humor aside, I'm a huge fan of Sonic, and I'm also a recent newcomer to the fandom that is fascinated with SEGA. My fandom literally started some time in the past year-and-a-half, going from Tails to Sonic. I dunno how I got to Tails, but being that he's such a cute bastard and I have a friend who loves him, I eventually got hooked. That's how I remember becoming a fan for the first time. From then on I picked up a Genesis emulator and went nuts with all the awesome Sonic games to play, although I still haven't gotten fucking Knuckles Chaotix to work. Did you know Metal Sonic's in it? I didn't. I hear he turns into some giant red demon Metal Sonic as the final boss. Good shit, I'm getting on that game soon.

Now that's not to say I never played the Mega Drive in my youth. There was that one time I watched my brother playing Sonic 1 (probably Sonic 2) on the neighbor's system for like about a level or two. Eh... that doesn't count as playing, but that's most of what I did when I was 4, or 6, or something. Besides that, I was raised on mostly Super Nintendo, then N64, then PSX, and it pretty much stopped at PS2 and GameCube. Yeah, I haven't taken the dive into the next-now-current-gen on the basis that I'm an insufferable spendthrift. Either I wait for a nice price drop, finish all the games I've got so far, or get a job. So far I'm gonna stick with playing games and doing something interesting with my time 'till the next college semester. Chyeah. G'luck with that, Rave.

Have fun at Isolated Island Zone (TM)!

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