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Sonic 10th Anniversary Booklet

So, before I get things started, I gotta give a shout out to the GagaMan(n) over at SEGA Memories for linking back to us. And I didn't even ask him! I meant to... I just didn't get around to it. I was just browsing SEGA Memories and just happened to notice we are now in their links section! That just brought a smile to my face and put me on a bit of a high. What? Yes, I'm that pathetic and it's a clear indication I need to get out for more than just running down to the local comic book shop to buy the latest issue of Sonic Universe and whatever graphic novel that catches my eye at the time. But, hey, I'm happy, so who cares? We're nothing special yet, and I can't really promise that I can send back a ton of traffic to SEGA Memories yet, but we appreciate the plug in the sidebar, man(n)!

And now, back to your regular scheduled blog post...

Remember back in 2001 when SEGA was building up Sonic Adventure 2 for the Dreamcast and Sonic's 10th Anniversary? SEGA struck a deal with SOAP, a shoe company famous for making shoes that allow one to grind on rails (SA2 was the first game to feature this ability and it's been a staple ever since), and gave the blue blur a new pair of kicks for his 10th birthday. It also introduced a dark hedgehog, who we've all come to know and love (or, for some, loathe) as Shadow the Hedgehog. It was also Sonic's LAST appearance on a SEGA console and would later be relaunched a year later on the Nintendo Gamecube as Sonic Adventure 2: Battle.

Sonic sporting his 10th anniversary SOAP shoes.

Yup, when it first came out, SA2 was something special. I remember counting down the days until it dropped. I eventually managed to get it about a day before official release at a Toys 'R' Us, and immediately rushed home to play. Man, talk about a great way to spend the summer months! I was a little disappointed, initally, that I couldn't get the Birthday Pack because that store just didn't seem to be getting them in. But I didn't have much to complain about, I had a BRAND NEW SONIC GAME TO PLAY! I eventually found the Birthday Pack at a local Best Buy and bought three of 'em... for three cents total. Yeah, this special little package only cost a penny, and now I have three of these beauties sitting on my bookshelf. I'll probably get some pictures of the set up and put up a track listing for the CD in the future. But, for now, I've decided to scan the entire booklet, so let's take a look at that, shall we? Click the images to see them in their high res glory.

Not much. You?

The book, like Sonic, is bilingual. No habla espaƱol, though.

When it all started. This booklet features some really nice concept art.

When Sonic made the big time. We're talking Sonic & Knuckles and various spin-off titles!

The Saturn days, featuring Sonic Jam and Traveller's Tales Sonic R and Sonic 3D Blast. Also, the beginning of the end with SEGA's last first party Sonic titles: Sonic Adventure, Sonic Shuffle and Sonic Adventure 2. Following this, SEGA has now gone third party, with their mascot and various other IPs appearing on every major gaming console to date.

Various bits of Sonic-trivia. Fun stuff!

My favorite part of the booklet. One of the many Sonic origin stories created for the original Japanese canon when the first Sonic was in development. Apparently there are two other origin stories, but the booklet, sadly, doesn't have anything on them (anybody else know anything about the other "episodes"? Chime in!).

A couple shots of the various merchandies released over the years. Including clothing, backpacks, soup (I remember that stuff!), the MTV special, and the Archie comics!

And, finally, the booklet comes to a close featuring character model sheets from the past and the present Yuji Uekawa style. It's true, Sonic still goes on evolving, and we're glad True Blue's still around.

I didn't scan the front/back covers mostly because I thought they weren't as important as what was IN the book. Plus, the front cover is embossed, and I just don't see that scanning well. I hope SEGA does another book like this in the future, maybe a large 20th Anniversary book with a more detailed history and interviews and the like. I would love to see that; hell, I would love to MAKE that. It probably won't happen, but a guy can dream, right?

Anyway, hope you enjoyed this little feature. I don't know what my next move will be just yet, but hopefully I'll have some exciting/interesting content up in the future!

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