Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Refreshing Return to Form (And Whining)

I haven't been this elated since when they first announced the game. TL;DR, it just looks great.

But you know you want to read more, right? This is my first post in like, what, 6 months now? Longer? (Sawwy Arun; I been vewy bad)


Anyways, enough of that. On to the news of the howa!

(Man, I'm really likin' those wubbayous)

So Arun's already got you guys up to date with the latest, but I'd like to recap exactly what we know so far about the game, and what to expect from here on out. First thing's first, though:

(Pssst. The image leads to Destructoid)


Geez, I mean seriously. We've seen not five seconds of actual gameplay footage, and people have already managed to eternally damn any prospects of the game being worth a damn. What for? Green eyes. A lot are crying that it's not black. In fact, most are pretty much crying that the 3D Sonic model is the worst thing since sin, mostly on the basis that SEGA promised a Genesis game with most all the fixings of retro Sonic games.

Oh, what? Beautiful multi-layered scrolling backgrounds aren't enough? How about confirmed for Wii and iPhone? Smooth motion? No, SEGA's obviously ruined everything, even the power sneakers they said they would include in the game, which we haven't seen since Sonic Adventure 2. Totally ruined. FOREVER.

I swear, I was physically exhausted after spending so much time at the SEGA Sonic 4 subforum. It was mostly a bunch of paranoid fans whining and getting all griefy over the apparent possibility that Sonic definitely won't have that red spinny running motion or the figure eight from Smash Bros and CD. Yeah, I'll be fair and admit that excluding those visual staples would actually be stupid of Sonic Team, but that's also why I think it is, in fact, in the game already. We just didn't see it. And even if it isn't, who's to say that it never will, even if it doesn't appear at first? That's the same argument I pose when people complain about the ferschliggin Sonic model. Really, ask yourself: what's to stop SEGA from even considering offering the skin as optional DLC? Hell, it might not even be that. Maybe Sonic will temporarily regress in age and turn back into the chubby Sonic we all know and love as part of a plot device, but all of that is besides the point. We're getting Sonic the Hedgehog 4, so quit bitching.

Then there are those who still remain understandably cautious about getting excited for disappointment. That's about all I'll say about them: it's understandable. But it's still not worth ignoring the events of last year till today concerning SEGA's marketing of this game. SEGA have clearly taken this project more than seriously. They've done so much to connect to the fans via their American blog site, the forums, Twitter, Facebook, you name it (actually I think that's all of them). They've gone back to badniks, to momentum-based speed you have to earn, to strictly 2D-perspective gameplay, and even to Mega Drive chiptune-esque music. They understand what we want. They also understand what kind of a fanbase they're dealing with: anywhere from kids to teens to young adults. The kids recognize the new-model Sonic for the most part, so it only makes it easier for them to take the trip back to the past with all the jaded and old school fans as long as they're not to pricky about it.

Don't get me wrong, though. SEGA's not magically become the model third-party company because of a great and sincere marketing campaign. They still have their history, and I'm not particularly thrilled about their association with Zone40. It just seems like now they're doing something about fixing their tarnished image, and that's a great thing. And they're done it in the most gutsiest move I've seen them do since their original guerilla advertising for Sonic 1: by working on Sonic the Hedgehog 4 across downloadable episodes that are just about as big as your regular Genesis game. Just think about that a moment. Everyone's been asking for that, whether they are jaded Sonic/SEGA fans or not. Also, that's probably going to be a big package, perhaps even bigger and more epic than Sonic 3 and Knuckles, and that's my favorite Sonic game of all time.

So, what do we know about the game, and what can we expect? Well, we know it's going to be released on all major consoles and iPhone as downloadable episodes. We know Sonic is going to be the only playable character (yet another major concession to the fans), but there likely will be other NPCs like Tails and Knuckles. We know he's going to fight Robotnik exclusively, unless they wanna throw in a new robot or upgrade one of Sonic's metal iterations. We know the first zone will be called Splash Hill Zone (last I heard), and it looks much better than I ever expected. So far, it's totally faithful to the Genesis visual style and stage mechanics, most likely. We know that Sonic 4 will appropriately leave right off from where Sonic 3 & Knuckles left off, which may or may not indicate the function of the game as retconning other games like 3D Blast or the early handheld games. Finally, we know there's going to be power sneakers, spin-dashing, and the homing attack, which I'd be interested in seeing how they incorporate it into the dominantly Genesis-themed Sonic 4. Anything else we'll be finding out from here till June or July.

My only hopes for this game, besides it being totally awesome and fun? Hope it isn't much like Sonic Rush.


  1. fuck u, u bitch. bring classic sonic back




  3. Lol this is awesome.

    Nice website.

  4. Of course this is written by a newfag of the series.

    You know what? Just like your blog I hope 'Sonic 4' fails epically.

  5. And, of course, as soon as I open up the comments to anonymous visitors, we get a troll first thing. And, like most trolls, you can't even make a case as for why Sonic 4 will fail. Why is that? Oh, that's right, you HAVEN'T PLAYED THE GAME AND BARELY SAW ANY FOOTAGE--LIKE THE REST OF US. So, either bugger off and WAIT TO SEE HOW THE GAME TURNS OUT or come back with a decent argument instead of name calling. As for if this blog fails? Who cares? It's a hobby. Say what you want. We're trying to have fun and hoping to share our enthusiasm for the series. Sorry we're not like every other Sonic "fan" site out there that's constantly bashing the series despite claiming how much we love it. We'll have to change our tune so we can fit in! hell we will. Finally, don't come trolling and name calling like you're hot shit when you're too scared to even put down a name on your own comment (screen name, real name, don't care).

  6. While I agree with the author (except about the quality of the originals and the quality of Sonic Rush,) when you stop taking the fans seriously you really notice they're EPIC FUNNY TROLLS.

    Thus, I'll be a Sonic Fan who LIKES Sonic AND do a little trolling, just because:


    There. Better?

  7. lolwhatever.

    @1stAnonymous: Fraid' not. I actually prefer the older games to the new ones, but I'm not such a brat that I can't give the newer ones the time of day.


  8. I agree 100% with TheRaveMan. So what if Sonic 4 doesn't have Classic Sonic? It's just the next step in the evolution of his in-game looks, I think. Think about it: chronologically, the first few games go Sonic 1, 2, 3&K, and Sonic's sprites evolved with the games, and jumped drastically in quality from 2 to 3. Sonic 4 comes along, and even though he's not a sprite but a 3D model, he's still the next evolution in line. (I know some Oldsonicfags are going to say something about BUT SONIK ADVENTUR LOLZ, I don't care.)

    @Mathew: Obligatory Final Fantasy VII reference - "Sit down and drink your goddamn tea!" I'm sorry to be rude, but seriously... So what? Just take Sonic 4, enjoy it and ignore the fact that the protagonist LOOKS DIFFERENT THAN YOU THOUGHT HE WOULD BAWWWWW. Classic Sonic looks nice, but Modern Sonic has much more personality, I think. As someone on the SEGA Forums said, Sonic's personality was taken into consideration with the modern look, and that's perfect.

    @4th commenter (Anonymous): Not all fans who grew up with Modern Sonic have to be newfags. I don't BAWWWW about the idea of Classic Sonic in Sonic 4, I BAWWWW about the way people are doing it. My first Sonic game was Sonic Heroes on PS2, and while I thought that was crap, it got me hooked and the next thing I know, I'm playing away at Sonic 3 in Sonic Mega Collection and loving every second of it. It's not the graphics but the gameplay, although the graphics do HELP. HELP, and not BE THE BIGGEST PART OF THE GAME AND EQUAL EPIC FAIL IF ONE PIXEL IS MISALIGNED.

    @Everyone who BAWWWWS at the concept of Homing Attack in this game: Sonic Rush had a homing attack. It was 2D. Nobody cared, nobody was opposed to that. It wasn't even neccessary. So who knows, the Homing Attack in this game might end up not being used much. Or maybe it will.

    Speaking of the SEGA Forums, has someone done something about that stubborn oldfag DAMN yet?

    TL;DR - Modern Sonic + moves are in, drink your goddamn tea.

  9. The homing attack is implemented in non-official Sonic Games like Sonic Extreme or Sonix Pixel Perfect. Those are modifications of Sonic games for MegaDrive/Genesis and some of them are pretty good improvements. In one of them you have spindash, homing attack, lightspeed dash (The one where you can follow a seuquence of rings), and the one from Sonic CD (where his feet goes into a moebius string). I played the firsts Sonic games when they first got released and I must say I like this kind of addons in this non-official ones. If SEGA does this right "'r gonna see some serious shit.". However, as everyone else I'm waiting with caution because it is a posibility they blow it.

  10. @Ignacio: Two more great examples of the homing attack and the lightspeed dash done right are Sonic 1 Megamix and Sonic Boom--especially the latter. You can go blisteringly fast in Sonic Boom using the homing attack, but the physics feel smooth and bouncy like the Genesis games. Also Sonic strikes a cool air-kick pose.

  11. Whiny Sega Fanboyz should suck mummy's c*ck ;)March 5, 2010 at 12:27 PM

    @Matthew "Stfu bitch"

    @2nd anonymous "Stfu bitch"

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    @this blog "epic ;)"

  12. To be fair, I do think Classic Sonic would be an epic nice gesture for Sonic 4, along with Tails, Knux, and Robotnik. I just don't think it'll matter at all if the game sucks.

  13. Wow all the Sonic faggots slamming the game are coming here to criticzice this one person's opinion, with their fuel raged by IT'S GREEN EYE SONIC BWAHHHH XD