Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Word to the Fans

(WARNING: This post contains language that may not be appropriate for younger readers or the over-sensitive. If you are one these, leave now or continue at your own risk. We here at the Isolated Island Zone are not responsible for any physical or emotional damage incurred as a result of reading our blog. If you don't like it, don't read. Simple as that. Good day.)

You know, I'm a fan of many things. I don't even hide my fandom. Case in point, I have this blog. I have my real name on it. I link to it in my profile. I've drawn Sonic in my sketchbook every now and again (I've been ridiculed for it too, but it's not like it makes up much of my sketchbook, so I don't care). Like I said, I'm perfectly comfortable with my own fandom. Want to know what I really have a problem with though? The Sonic fanbase. You see, I'm not embarrassed about liking Sonic. I'm embarrassed at the thought of being associated with a bunch of morons made up of people who either: A) Can't think for themselves and blindly buy every with Sonic's face on it; or B) The jaded, can't be pleased, classic fan-brats who bitch before they've even played the damned games.

I don't know about anyone else who actually reads this blog (all three of you), but I know I was excited to see the Sonic 4 announcement. The trailer, for what little I got to see of the actual game in it, is still exciting to watch. Just as exciting as when Sonic was announced as a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. You know what's better than that? SEGA actually following through on all their "return to roots" promise they keep going on and on and on about release after release after release. Sonic '06 was promised as a reboot to the franchise. We all know how that turned out. Sonic Unleashed? As good as it was, it wasn't really THE revival the series was looking for (it did show that SEGA could craft a good 3D adventure at least). So, now SEGA sits down and decides to give something the fans have been clamoring for for the last 16 years. And here comes Sonic 4.

Like I said, I am excited. Rave is excited. Many are excited. Hell, my sister is excited and she doesn't even like Sonic. And who wouldn't be? Classic, side-scrolling, momentum based gameplay. Parallax scrolling backgrounds. The story taking place after Sonic 3 & Knuckles. But, as usual, there's a few people who just have to ruin people's fun. These same people who did nothing but put on the same damn record for so damn long complaining about everything that's wrong with current series and demanding SEGA return to classic-style (2D) gameplay. Ingrates. You've seen barely five seconds of gameplay footage and just a lot of teasing on SEGA's part and you're already pulling the "Ruined FOREVER" lever before you've even PLAYED THE FUCKING GAME. BWAH! Sonic's design isn't retro enough! SEGA lied to us! The grass isn't the right texture! Grass? GRASS?! REALLY?!

You want retro? Fine! Here:

It don't get more retro than this, folks.

SEGA is bending over backwards to give us a quality console Sonic game. Making it downloadable and episodic? Perhaps not the greatest idea, but if this means SEGA can actually craft and bring up the overall quality of the game this way, then let them try it. The gameplay is exactly what many have been asking/begging/hoping for for a long time. SEGA makes it all come true, and what happens? People are pissing all over them for trivial reasons when they have nothing to go on. They're just being a bunch of spoiled brats whining and moaning for absolutely no reason. I'm just... disappointed. That's all. SEGA is making an effort to please people and they get about as much respect as Rodney Dangerfield did. This just blows my mind... nah, scratch that. It BLASTS my mind (tell me someone got that!).

The nitpicking just doesn't end. People don't even seem to care about the gameplay. They just want their duck to look like their ideal duck. Even if the one SEGA is offering looks, quacks, walks and happens to be a duck. ...and that looks just as stupid typed out as it did in my head. But... the point I'm trying to make, without repeating myself, is let SEGA work. Be patient. Just wait and see. Now, if the game is broken beyond repair and the game is either unplayable or just plain not fun for some reason, we'll have something justifiable to complain about. None of this nonsense about the art style or grass. But you want to know how and when we'll be able to air our gripes about the game? WHEN IT FINALLY COMES OUT AND WE'VE ACTUALLY PLAYED THE FUCKING GAME!

Now, can we all just move on, be civil and wait? No? Fine... In closing: SEGA, just keep doing what you're doing. Work hard and put every bit of effort into this game you are promising. Do what it takes to make this one of the best Sonic games yet. Hell, try and shoot to make this even better than Sonic 3 & Knuckles. No pressure though. Remember: The possibilities are never ending!

Thanks to Rave for the images and for doing a bit of proofreading.


  1. Agreed 110%. I'm WAY excited for the game, I think it looks great, I don't care about the grass, and think Sega has a winner with this one. Don't let the haters get you down man!

    P.S.- I got the Blast Processing joke. Good one! :)


  3. Hey man first off I like your site, it has some cool articles and interesting viewpoints. Anyway I grew up with Sonic on the Genesis and I am way past excited about Sonic 4. Here's hoping for a Mecha Sonic rematch!

  4. Awesome, I like your blogs guys.