Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Colorful Commentary

So the Internet's been abuzz today with news and promises of Sonic Colors scans being on the horizon. Over on the Find the Computer Room forums, fellow member shadowthehedgehog entered the fandom limelight by giving a few tidbits from the upcoming issue of Nintendo Power, which has a cover feature on the newly announced Sonic outing. Now that the first images, blurry as they may be, have hit the tubes, it's time for us to throw in our five-cents. That's right, we're splurging on this one.

Take it away, Rave!


Rave: That's right, we're both doing this one. So our first screenshots shows a rather lovely orbital view of Earth from one of the aforementioned space theme parks. Tropical Reservoir Zone, perhaps? It's anybody's guess. We don't know how many zones we'll be getting for Sonic Colors, so it could be something else entirely. Sure looks pretty.

Along with the nice graphics, the layout and POV suggest a speedy Unleashed-HD type of experience as opposed to Wii Unleashed's diluted sense of velocity. That's good, but then it also implies the return of speedy-speed boy Day Stage gameplay with it's frequent strafing, constant speeds, and occasional 2D platforming segments and quick-time events. Frankly that puts me off, but I won't be too much of a fool to dismiss it all together. After all, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't really interested in this multi-colored game from left field.

Which brings me to Exhibit B - Giant Food Structures:

I've made my point. Back to you Arun!


Arun: In case you haven't heard, Sonic Colors isn't exclusively coming to the Wii. And, for the record, no you won't be speeding through Eggman's intergalactic theme park on the PS3 or 360. Nope, it's coming to the DS! Take a look!

While the Wii version appears to be based on Sonic Unleashed Wii, it would appear that Dimps is taking the DS rendition into Rush territory. If it wasn't for the title, we'd all be calling this Sonic Rush 3. The tension gauge is back, now with an added slot to equip Wisps. While the shot is unclear, it seems that each Wisp will grant Sonic different abilities, such as transforming him into a fireball (similar to Sonic 3's elemental shields). According to shadowthehedgehog, the DS version will feature exclusive boss fights and Wisp power-ups not found in its console counterpart.

Though, aesthetic differences and console exclusives aside (Oh SEGA, you want every last penny out of us, don't you?), the two games are more or less the same, even following level themes. Running in donut loops not enough? How about bouncing off Jell-O springs?

For some reason, I'm starting to recall the Music Plant zone from Sonic Advance 2. Except with Jell-O.

Personally, as someone who enjoyed the Rush games (the first in particular), I see no problems with Sonic Colors DS going in this direction. Hey, it works. My one hope is that Dimps will reduce the emphasis of mid-air tricks that seemed to plague all their handheld Sonic titles since Sonic Advance 2.


Rave: So, just to wrap things up, Sonic Colors for the Wii appears to follow closely in the footsteps of it's older schizophrenic brother Unleashed--but thankfully ditching the schizophrenia--while Sonic Colors for the DS appears to be naught much more than Sonic Rush 3. Seems like a pretty logical progression on both counts, if a little played. We know the same Sonic Team that gave us such stellar hits as Secret Rings and Black Knight is working on this Wii title as we speak, so that may as well be the red flag that signals another mediocre offering from SEGA concerning their mascot. Then again, there's always the chance for redemption. I welcome the prospect of a surprisingly great console Sonic game with the same joy that I do a cheeseburger in paradise. And donuts and jello. So, for that matter, perhaps even the DS version will entertain me better and longer than it's predecessors. In conclusion, both games seem to offer a refreshing return to light-hearted.

Arun: With only a handful of blurry photos and a vague idea of the direction of both versions, it's way too early to tell what SEGA has in-store. I find it interesting that SEGA has based the development of these two games off of two moderately successful versions of the Sonic formula (Unleashed and Rush). This is where I have to applaud SEGA; for once they're not sweeping everything under the rug and starting from scratch again. Also, after being bombarded with news of leaks for Sonic 4 and feelings of apathy until I've played the game myself, it's nice to have something new and interesting to focus on. Maybe the future is looking a little brighter for Sonic.

EXTRA RAVE: Also, Fireball Sonic confirmed:

And yes, that is the "rocket powerup" shadowthehedgehog mentioned. Stay tuned for Part 2, where we'll hopefully have full hi-res scans of the entire feature to talk about.

Images taken from July issue of Nintendo Power supplied by shadowthehedgehog and compiled and edited for this blog by TheRaveMan. Text was co-written and edited by Arun and TheRaveMan.

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