Friday, November 11, 2011

Sonic Generations: Impressions

"The only thing better than Sonic... is two Sonics!" ~Recent TV spot
I'd be lying if I said I was totally excited for Sonic Generations. After the initial announcements and Iizuka's lame reasons for stating why a Wii version was not in the works, I tried to soften the blow of missing out on Sonic's 20th anniversary celebration (and tried to keep my annoyance in check when people constantly told me "just buy a new console and shut up."). I certainly had high hopes that the game would be satisfactory for those that played it, and like Colors from last year, would please the critics and further elevate Sonic's stature back to being respected... even if this meant dipping a little too far into the nostalgia well to win back those "fans" that had claimed to have "given up" (yet they hang around and complain even when they don't play the games...).

Then a shining light appeared... or at least a rumor at the time. The year's worst kept secret, one that kept "accidentally" spilling out on online retailers the world over (or at least in Europe), that a PC version might be in the works. Eventually SEGA fessed up and made a formal announcement, though I've always wondered why they didn't just come out and announce it immediately instead of letting the rumor mill spin a while? Well, whatever the reason, it got me a little hyped up... I own a PC after all, and hopefully it'll run the game...? I remember double, triple and quadruple checking my system specs on my five-year old PC hoping I at least met the minimum requirements and, thankfully, I did.

After a wait that felt like forever just to get the game installed, a lot of swearing and headaches getting it to launch, I eventually got to just sit down and play the game.