Sunday, June 23, 2013

Happy 22nd Birthday, Sonic! IIZ Turns 4!

Psh, and you all thought I forgot, didn't you?! Well, OK, maybe just for a moment. I've been keeping busy with some other projects and things lately, that I haven't found time to really sit down and get at the big backlog of reviews I've been staring down the last week or so. I'm totally behind on the goings-on of Archie's Sonic series right now (I need to catch up with the crossover) and I've got to start putting together some plans for things to write about.

Also, how about Sonic Lost World? Anybody else hyped for that? ...Sorry I don't have much more to say on it, I kinda missed the opportunity when it was announced, didn't I? Anyway, have a sketch I did for today.

I'll be playing some catch up on the world of Sonic this summer, so hopefully I actually have some posts that materialize out of that in the next couple months... Hopefully.

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